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competitive design services

Protronix Technology is a small yet powerful design company. We are a small group or network of engineers that is proficient in our field of work. Dedicated software , hardware and power engineer to undertake and overcome the design requirements of the customer. We also have a group of well trained technicians to handle PCB routing services and PCBA services.

protection customer interest

Due to our business nature, it is often need to understand more than what the project needs to perform ( in order to effectively deliver a good product ). Projects often contain very important information or algorithm that belongs solely to the customer. It is the company's reputation and our professionalism towards our work that we do not disclose , copy or misuse such information being disclosed to us so as to protect the customer's interest. There is often a need to have a legal agreement , such as a NDA ( Non-Disclosure-Agreement ) signed between all parties to protect our customer's interest.

genuine working solution

We provide genuine working solutions rather than a paper design. From the initial concept of operation, to design feasibility study , to prototype testing and eventually pilot production run. The customer eventually gets a complete working and marketable product.

cost effective and smart approach to electronics design

You need not own an electronics design house to have an electronics design solution. The cost of setting up a design house and the problem of man-power turn over is going to drag you down before you even start selling a single unit. If you are one of the following, we are your possible solution :-

  • main contractor looking for custom electronics design functions.
  • looking for customized portable power solutions.
  • system integrator.
  • computer controlled machine design house.
  • design house trying to outsource some sub-function design works.
  • other fields of engineering works that requires electronic circuit design functions.


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