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Protronix Technology is a Singapore based electronics design house. Our expertise are in the fields of providing the customers with custom electronics design and solutions. We provide software programming, hardware circuit design and prototyping services. A cost effective and reliable design house that enables your company to reach to a next level of success.

Software coding

Our core competency includes providing micro-processor / miro-controller firmware coding services. Based on a micro-processor PCBA platform, we are able to provide coding services in low-level language ( assembly ) as well as in high level language ( C or C++ ). We have many years of good experience in using Freescale , Microchip and Philips micro-controller parts.

Should there be a need to interface the micro-controller platform to a computer via an interface port ( USB or RS232 port ), we are also able to provide or generate a GUI ( graphical user interface) application. So that the end product is able to be controlled , monitor and eventually be recorded and stored onto a computer.

Hardware design

We are providing POWER, ANALOG and DIGITAL electronics design functions. Power electronics design includes customized ACDC , DCDC converters ranging from 1W ~ 2KW. Analog electronics design includes instrumentation and electrical signal measurement solutions. Digital electronics design encompasses the field of micro-processor / micro-contorller application design services.

Our core competency also includes design for re-chargeable battery packs and other charging solutions. For example : customized NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion or Li-polymer battery packs, fuelguage design, PCM ( protection module circuitry ), cells balancing, battery charger, SMBUS interface, Smart battery charger etc..

Our design stages includes :

  • Schematics generation. ( to materialize a concept of operation)
  • PCB routing / fabrication services
  • Prototyping / testing
  • Documentation and design transfer s
  • design review
  • product modification and enhancement

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