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design and consultancy

We materialize a design concept into a marketable and profitable product. To protect the interest of the customer, an NDA is often needed prior to any project commence.

feasibility study

Understanding and Negotiating with the customer to agree and achieve a common understanding of the final product to be delivered.

  • specification
  • pricing
  • schedule

Prototype testing

We deliver real and working products , not just as a design concept or theory of operation. A working prototype marks a significant milestone to the development process. A working prototype is often a fabricated PCB with components and software that actually works up to approximately 80% of what is the final product performance. Intensive testing shall be conducted on the prototype to ensure everything is functioning as per specifications.

Product deliverables

Trial runs or pilot run ( approximate 20 ~ 50 units ) on the final product is often necessary. This will ensure the reliability of the production process, and also get everyone involved in the manufacturing process to be ready and aware of the product details.

Mass production

We do not often provide mass production quantities ( volume quantities ranging about 10K / month ). Reason begin that we do not have the facilities to do so. However, It is still possible for us to manage and control the mass production process on behalf of the customer. This is provided that the end customer has audited the contract manufacturer involved and approved on the production process and quality control.

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