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electronics design and development services

Protronix Technology is a small design company. Our engineering resources are limited. We are targeting our market segment or development projects that is less than approximately US$50K. Duration of the project should be about less than 6 months. Our core competency are in the field of electronics circuit design and development services in the following key :-

design functions
  • digital / micro-processor circuitry design
    • using controllers from freescale , microchip, philips etc.
    • provide coding in C / C++ language.
    • on-site testing and debugging capabilities.
    • interfacing to computer via RS232, USB or Ethernet ports.
    • simple windows application for control purposes.
    • precision isolated analog signal measurement solution.
  • power supply design
    • AC-DC & DC-DC converters from 1W to 2KW 
    • Power Factor Correction Circuits
    • Fly back, Forward, boost, Quasi resonant topologies
    • All types of Computer Power Supplies
    • Industrial Power Supplies
    • Telecom Power Supplies
    • DC(48V) - DC Telecom power supplies
    • Laboratory Power Supplies
    • Burn-In Power Supplies
    • Broadcast and Television Power Supplies
    • ATE Power Supplies
    • Printer Power Supplies
    • Other Custom Power Supplies
    • Medical power Supplies
  • custom rechargeable battery pack / battery charger.
    • customize NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion, Li-polymer battery pack design.
    • Battery charger design ranging from 1W to 1KW.
    • Protection Circuitry Module design.
    • Fuelguage design.
    • Cells balancing design.
    • provide cyclic test and graph plot services.
  • prototype development
    • PCB routing and fabrication services ( outsource ).
    • component assembly and testing ( in-house ).
    • generate report for prototype performance

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